Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Book Cover

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Book Cover

If you like official accessories, here is the offering from Samsung for the Galaxy Note 8.0, and it’s called the Book Cover.  It’s essentially a hard shell with a very nice flip cover attached to it, which also folds to form a landscape-oriented stand.

Samsung has made quite a few flip covers in the past for their other devices, but this one is different in one main way.  Rather than replacing the battery back (because there isn’t one on the Note 8), Samsung has opted for a hard shell that your seat your Galaxy Note 8.0 into.  It does a good job of holding your tablet securely, and the flip cover is permanently attached via a wide strip for added durability.  Sometimes cases just use a skinny strip which can easily tear off, but that is not the case with this case.

The folding creases are also uniquely placed, allowing two positions.  One position is suited for viewing content, and the other position is optimized for typing.  The front flip also has the sleep/wake magnet that will put your screen to sleep and wake it back up when you close and open the flip.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Book Cover

When you have your Note 8 in this case, you also get full access to all of your components and S-Pen slot.  One of the holding claws actually hold the tablet over where one of the microphones are, but they’ve put a hole in that to make sure it’s still going to work, which is something I’ve never seen pulled off before.  Most case manufacturers will find a different spot to put the holding claw instead of punching a fine hole in each claw the requires it.  This is something made possible by being made by Samsung itself.

I’m a big fan of these types of cases because of the utility and size.  Folio cases give you similar results with a little more protection, but the added bulk can be significant sometimes.  If you were to pair this Book Cover with a Note 8.0 invisibleSHIELD, you’d be protected from mostly anything.  If you drop your tablet while in this case, there’s a good chance it’ll definitely survive but the screen could possibly get damaged, but it’d be a fluke.

Grab one today!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Book Cover

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