Note 8.0 Owners: Get $25 Play Store Credit 2

Note 8 Play Store 25 Dollar Credit

Samsung is currently running a promotion where you can register your Galaxy Note 8.0 on their official website and get a $25 credit to the Google Play Store.

While this is a great deal, it’s also a great deal that the Galaxy Note 8.0 already comes with over $200 worth of preloaded entertainment and productivity tools.  The Play Store credit definitely sweetens the deal, and can be used in any of the Play Stores, including Apps, Music, Movies, and Books.  There’s no expiration date listed, but I would register as soon as possible.  All you need to submit to them is your model code, serial number, Wi-Fi MAC address, and other required information.

If you’re still deciding on whether or not to get a Galaxy Note 8.0, here are some available for sale here.  You’ll still qualify for the Galaxy Perks program from Samsung as well.

Source: Samsung via Android Central

2 thoughts on “Note 8.0 Owners: Get $25 Play Store Credit

  1. Reply Laura Taylor Jan 4, 2014 3:01 pm

    Hi there,
    I just wanted to let you know that the Deals are still happening and there are many to redeem. Thanks to your website I found out about this. I would not have noticed otherwise.

    I wanted to point out 2 things to save others time. At first, I waited around for 1/2 a day thinking something was wrong. 1) You have to register twice, once with Samsung & then again for Galaxy Perks. Once I did the Galaxy Perks, I got an email right away to redeem the $25 Google Play credit plus a few other things. Then, 2)Register from your specific device so that the Wi-Fi Mac address matches.

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