MoKo Galaxy Note 8.0 Hard Shell Cases

MoKo Galaxy Note 8.0 Hard Shell Cases

Not every case for your tablet has to be leather, rugged, or bulky.  While those cases serve their purpose, sometimes just something basic is required that still offers protection, but at a very minimal addition of bulk.  These are MoKo’s Hard Shell Cases for the Galaxy Note 8.0, available in 15 different color options with varying levels of transparency.

This is a very basic case, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  It consists of a single formed sheet of polycarbonate, designed specially for the Galaxy Note 8.0 and all of its ports and buttons.  There’s a slight amount of give in this case that will allow your Galaxy Note 8 to be held firmly.  MoKo has also made special considerations to add a cut-out over the stylus holder.  For all of the other buttons and ports, there is simply a gap-by-design in the holding brackets.

MoKo Galaxy Note 8.0 Hard Shell Cases

MoKo also spared no expense with the color selection, offering 15 options altogether.  There are solid colored cases, and then their are translucent cases that are marked with “Crystal” color choices.  Outside of the tinted transparency and the ability for the logo and rear markings to shine through, there is no other differences.

Dropping your Note 8.0 while in this case could still lead to a shattered screen or damaged tablet since there is no real shock-dampening layer of silicone or other material.  The main protective intent of this case is purely for scratches and for keeping rigid while inside of a travel bag or briefcase.  For the minimalist who is careful with electronics, but still wants to play it safe when it comes to handling the device, this is a great case at a very low price, all things considered.

Go check all of the color options out on Amazon for this one!

MoKo Galaxy Note 8.0 Hard Shell Cases MoKo Galaxy Note 8.0 Hard Shell CasesMoKo Galaxy Note 8.0 Hard Shell Cases

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