Galaxy Note 8 Keyboard Case from Ionic

Galaxy Note 8 Keyboard Case by Ionic


A Galaxy Note 8 keyboard case is a great solution for having both a case and keyboard in one solution.  This helps your portability immensely and also allows you to easily use it because it’s also your Note 8’s stand.  Ionic has created a keyboard case specifically for the Note 8.0, and it offers great protection, attractive looks, and awesome utility.  These are currently available for pre-order in both Black and White.

So what you essentially get with this case is a leather folio with a Bluetooth keyboard attached.  The keyboard itself has a pairing button and an On/Off slider to power it on and off and conserve battery life.  There’s no batteries required, and instead you just charge it via the micro USB port.  The keys are pretty true-to-size for the most part, with the backspace key being a little smaller and no number pad, which is to be expected on something this size.

The exterior is made from a synthetic leather, and the interior is lined with a soft microfiber.  The keys are soft enough to not scratch your Note 8’s screen when the case is shut.  The case is held shut, by the way, with the accentuated leather clasp.  The craftsmanship is pretty good as well, and Ionic has created similar excellent cases for other tablets for quite some time now.  The stand supports one angle for typing.

If you were to drop this with your Galaxy Note 8 inside, it’ll probably be okay since the leather is padded pretty decently.  You won’t want to do that too much, but in case of an accident you should be fine.  These are currently available for pre-order and will begin shipping out to the first ordering customers on April 28th, 2013.

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Galaxy Note 8 Keyboard Case by Ionic

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