64GB microSD Card for Galaxy Note 8.0

64GB microSDXC Card for Galaxy Note 8.0


Samsung’ Galaxy Note 8.0 comes in two different sizes: 32GB and 64GB.  They also include a micro SD slot, which allows you to add even more memory to that.  The largest SD card you can put in the Galaxy Note 8 is 64GB, so why not maximize your storage?

SanDisk makes some of the fastest memory cards available, and this card is no exception.  The SanDisk Ultra is a microSDXC card that is UHS-1 enabled and comes with 64GB of storage that can turn a 64GB Note 8.0 into a 128GB Note 8.0.  Large storage isn’t the only killer feature of this card, as it’s also very durable and fast.  The speed is rated at 30MB/s, which means taking pictures or recording HD videos will result in no skipping or delays.  The speed also qualifies as Class 10, which makes it the fastest available.

In terms of durability, it’s waterproof, temperature proof, X-ray proof, and shock proof.  The only thing that can happen to this card is you lose it because it’s so small, so be careful.

There’s a lot of things that can make use of all of this extra storage, including more movies (even in HD), much more music, more pictures, more apps, more games, and much more.  Since it’s a micro SD card, you can also easily remove it and bring it to a photo lab to get pictures professionally printed.  You can also use it in other devices you may have such as cameras, camcorders, or MP3 players.

For the price, it’s a very good deal to double or even triple your existing internal storage for your Galaxy Note 8 depending on the variant you select.  If you’re going to upgrade your Galaxy Note 8, use the best possible components!

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64GB microSDXC Card for Galaxy Note 8

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